Pesticide Bottle Filling Line Automatic flip type washing machine


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This equipment is mainly used for rinsing glass bottles and PET bottles before filling.

Processes such as bottle out, automatic operation, stable and reliable, suitable for various wineries, beverage factories, condiment factories and other manufacturers, the output is 2000-10000 bottles/hour. Can be used with others.

Main feature:

1. The machine adopts powerful mechanical clamping jaws. The parts are precision cast by 304 stainless steel, which is stable and reliable. Each part is inlaid with tetrafluoroethylene and synthetic rubber.

2. The equipment adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the height can be adjusted electrically when changing the bottle. There is an overload protection device for entering and leaving the bottle, and the bottle is stopped and the operation is convenient.

3. Each gripper part is equipped with a control water spray device, which can save water and save water if the bottle is not flushed.

4. Reliable water diverter valve can adjust the time ratio of flushing and water control at will to ensure clean flushing and clean control. Can be changed twice according to customer needs or three flushes to rinse the bottle with a sanitizer or filling medium.

5. The equipment is equipped with an adjustable formal bottle feeding screw to ensure that the bottle enters the dial smoothly.

6. The equipment is equipped with a high-pressure water pump to provide sufficient pressure to rinse the bottle


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