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IC Card Smart Prepaid Card Swiping Valve-Controlled Waterproof Water Meter Household Tap Water



The prepaid cold water meter is a smart water meter that is based on a rotor-type water meter, and is composed of a reed switch, a low-power electronically controlled valve, a microcomputer control system, and a smart card information system. Prepaid water meters with remote meter reading function can also count the water consumption in real time, providing an accurate basis for water bill settlement.


Precise measurement: using high-strength material movement, low starting flow and high measurement accuracy.

Prepaid function: pay the fee first, then use the water, automatically close the valve without fee, and automatically turn on the water after paying the fee and swiping the card again.

Water sales record archive: Each water sales operation has accurate records, the accounts are clear, and cannot be changed at will. There are various statistical reports for the well to facilitate inquiry.

One-card function: If the same user installs more than two water meters or installs our company's water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, etc. at the same time, multiple smart meters can share one card for management, which is convenient to use.

Display function: high-definition LCD screen, you can visually check the purchased water, remaining water, accumulated water consumption, valve status, battery status and other data.

Alarm function: When the remaining water volume reaches or falls below the set alarm value, the water meter will automatically close the valve once, prompting the user to purchase water. At this time, the user can swipe the card to open the valve and continue to use water. When the remaining volume is 0, the valve will be completely closed.

Anti-rust function: The water meter valve is automatically switched on and off regularly to prevent the valve from rusting.

Anti-attack function: When the water meter is attacked by a strong magnetic field, the water meter will automatically close the valve and automatically record the attacked information. The valve can only be opened after the external interference is removed.
Low-power design: The entire control circuit is designed with low-power consumption, with small quiescent current and a battery life of more than 6 years.

Waterproof design: Each key component has undergone multiple waterproof treatments, with good waterproof performance.
Ladder water price function: There are single water price program and step water price program to choose from.

Power off valve: There are common programs and power off valve programs to choose from.





Nominal flow Q3 (m3/n)








Dimensions (mm)

Length width x height




Connection thread

G 3/4

G 1


Use environment

Working temperature 0.1-30℃ Relative humidity≤85%

Base table material

Copper shell iron shell stainless steel

Working power

3.0(3.6)V lithium battery

Quiescent Current


Battery Life

6 years

Power-off pendulum storage

>10 years

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