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Crawler Rock Drill 92kw, Drill Rig Machine for Mining, Anchoring and Road Building YDKG610H2022


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  • Technical Parameters

  • Model of drill rig: KG610H

  • Weighl of complete machine: 7600KG

  • Outer dimensions: 6700×2250×2850mm

  • Drilling hardness: f=6-20

  • Driling diameter;Φ105-202mm

  • Depth of economical drling: 40m

  • Rotary speed: 0-110rpm

  • Rotary torque (Max): 5000N·m(Max)

  • Lifting force: 25KN

  • Method of Feed: Motor+roller chain

  • Feed stroke: 3000mm

  • Traveling speed: 0-4km/h

  • Climbing capacity: ≤30°

  • Ground clearance: 440mm

  • Tilt anqle ol Beam: Down 135°,up.50°,total 185°

  • Swing angle of boom: Left 40°,right 40°,total 80°

  • Pitch angie of drl boom: Down:55°,up:25°,total 80°

  • Swing angle of dnill boom: Left 45°,right 45° total 90°

  • Leveling angle of track: ±8°

  • Compensation length of beam: 1200mm

  • Supporting power: QSB3.9-C125(92KW/2200r/min)7Cummins QSB3 9-0125(92KW2200r/min)

  • DTH hammer: K50

  • Drlling rod: Φ89×3m/Φ89×3m

  • Air consumption: 15-26m³min

  • Maximum height of honzontal hole: 2850mm

  • Minimum height of honzontal hole: 500mm

Usage of drill machine for road:

  1. DTH drilling rig for blast hole drilling, anchoring, road buliding ;

  2. This machine for blast hole can used for Granite,Basalt ,Marble,Quartz or other rocks and stones.

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