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Bulldozer SHANTUI Bulldozer 260HP Earthmoving Machine Mining Bulldozer YDSD262022


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  • Moving Type: Crawler Bulldozer

  • Unique Selling Point: High operating efficienc

  • Ground pressure (kPa): 77

  • Operating weight (Kg): 23400

  • Ground pressure (kPa): 77

  • Engine model: WP12

  • Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm): 206/1800

  • Center distance of track (mm): 2000

  • Ground length(mm): 2730

  • Fuel tank (L): 450

  • Digging depth (mm): 695/666

  • Width of track shoes (mm): 560

  • Machine Weight: 23400 KG

  • Dimension(Long * Breadth * High): 5495*3725*3402mm

* Power System
● The installed WP10 electronically controlled engine conforms to the China-III non-road machinery emission regulation,
featuring strong power, high efficiency and energy-saving, and low maintenance cost.
● The rated power reaches 131kW, featuring high torque reserve coefficient.
● The radially sealed intake system is applied to effectively prolong the engine life.

* Drive system

● The curves of drive system and engine are perfectly matched to achieve more extensive high-efficiency zone and higher
transmission efficiency.
● self-made drive system features stable performance and reliable quality and has been long proved by the market.

* Driving/Riding Environment

● The hexahedral cab provides super-large interior space and broad vision and the ROPS/FOPS can be installed depending on
specific needs to ensure high safety and reliability.
● The electronic control hand and foot accelerators guarantee more accurate and comfortable operations.
● The intelligent display and control terminal and the A/C and heating system are installed to provide more abundant
personalized driving/riding experience and enable you to understand system status at any time, featuring high intelligence and


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