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170HP Motor Grader CLG4165D YDGR16532022


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Basic specification

Engine model: SC7H180.1G3

Rated power/speed: 128kW/2000rpm

Dimension(LxWxH): 8900×2625×3470mm

Operating weight(Standard): 15000kg

Performance specification

Travelling speed ,forward: 5、8、11、19、23、38 km/h

Travelling speed ,reverse: 5、11、23 km/h

Tractive force(f=0.75): 77KN

Max. gradeability: 20%

Tire inflation pressure: 260 kPa

Working hydraulic pressure: 16 MPa

Transmission pressure: 1.3~1.8MPa

Operating specification

Max. steering angle of front wheels: ±48°

Max. lean angle of front wheels: ±17°

Max. oscillation angle of front axle: ±15°

Max. oscillation angle of balance box: 15

Frame articulation angle: ±27°

Min. turning radius using articulation: 7.3m


Maximum lift above ground: 450mm

Maximum depth of cutting: 500mm

Maximum blade position angle: 90°

Blade cutting angle: 28°—70°

Circle reversing rotation: 360°

Moldboard width X height: 3965×610mm

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