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X-ray Film Processor YDPLX-435A2022


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Main specification:

Processingfilm kind: X-ray,CT, MPI & other medical films

Processingfilm size: 3”x4”~14”x17”

Max. processingwidth: 17”(435mm).

Channel volume: 11Lfor each developing tank, fixing tank & water tank.

Max. processing capacity: 200pcs/h (14”x17”), 260pcs/h (10”x12”).

Processingtime/speed: adjustable 90s-450s(including developing time 20s-90s).

Developer/Fixer/Water solutiontemperature: 20 ~ 40℃,adjustable.

Dry temperature: 40-80℃,adjustable.

Replenish solution model: automatic & manual.

The amount of supplement(20-400ml)is freely set.

Waterpipe Joint:dia.15mm.Water Yield:2-5L/min.

Power source:AC220V, 50Hz.

Film process sequence: developing-washing-fixing-washing-drying.

Power capacity: 2.2KW.

Noise: ≤55db

Package size: 1180*630*1100mm, N.W/G.W.:115/130kg.


Big channel volume(11L) candevelope more films per hour.

Spray solution from side(traditional solution cycle model).

Right panel can be open easily for inspection or maintenance.

With 2 pcs of Barrels for developing & fixing solution.

With the function of timing startup and liquid cooling.


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