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Wireless Microphone Set MV3000-H2 One Receiver with Two Microphones



Radio frequency range: 520-830MHz

Modulation mode: FM frequency modulation

Available bandwidth: 30MHz per channel

Number of channels: 200-300 channels with infrared automatic frequency


Frequency stability: 0.005%

Dynamic range: more than110dB

Peak frequency offset: ±45KHz

Audio response: 60hz-18khz (3db)

Comprehensive SNR: more than 105dB

Comprehensive distortion: less than 0.5%

Gross weight: 3.5kg

Wireless Receiver

Receiver mode: secondary frequency conversion superheterodyne

Intermediate frequency: first intermediate frequency: 110MHz, second

intermediate frequency: 10.7MHz

Wireless interface: BNC block

Sensitivity: 12dB(80dB S/N)

Silence threshold: 0-40dB

Spurious suppression: more than 80dB

Output: Unbalanced:+4db (1.25v)/5kω

Balance: +10dB(2.5V)600Ω

Supply voltage: DC11-16V(rated12V)

Current: single receiving, less than 200mA, double receiving, less than 350mA

Body size: 484x214x44mm (length x width x height)

Wireless Microphone

Output power: 10mW

Spurious suppression: -60dB

Power supply: 1.5V×2

Current: < 110 mA (HF) < 80 mA (LF)

Service time (alkaline battery): not less than 8 hours.

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