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Stretch Film Packaging Machine Tray Winding Machine Wrapping Machine


Power supply: 1P AC 220V 50 Hz
Turntable speed: 0~10 rpm
Turntable diameter: Φ1500 mm
Column height: 2400mm
Bearing capacity: 2000 kg
Effective height: column height minus 400mm
Packaging material: width ≤ 500 mm, outer diameter ≤ Φ280 mm LLDPE stretch film
Optional extra: ramp(the price is different)
Options: ①Standard resistance pull type MH-FG-2000A
Noise: ≤75 dB(A)
Environment: Humidity≤90%, temperature -10~40℃
Lubricating material: ordinary grease
Machine features:
l Adapt to the winding of various cylindrical three-dimensional objects
l It is controlled by LCD text controller, with reliable performance and convenient operation, and the winding mode and parameters can be set according to needs
l Film stretching part: the tightness of the film can be controlled by adjusting the handle
l Height control method: Photoelectric switch controls the lifting height, black objects, photoelectric needs to be reserved, special travel switch is available
l With the function of frequency conversion and speed regulation, various speeds can be adjusted at any time according to the actual object, so as to control the tension of the winding film and the overlapping width of the film
l With variable frequency soft start and soft positioning functions, the whole winding process is stable and the positioning is accurate
l It can prevent the damage of the goods during the handling process, and play the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning
l With CE certification, optional
Electrical configuration:
u push button switch: Siemens APT
u photoelectric switch: P+F
u Inverter: Holip
uText controller: XINJIE
uMotor: MEIWA
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