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Semi-automatic Stainless Steel Liquor Wine Bottle Glass Bottle Washing Machine Washing Machine



This machine adopts the continuous tracking jet flushing method to wash the bottle, which has high efficiency and good flushing effect. Applicable to various materials (glass, plastic, pvc, etc.), various bottle shapes, wide range, convenient operation and maintenance.


Applicable bottle height:150-350 (mm)
Water consumption:1.53 (ton/hour)
Power:0.37 (Kw)
Applicable bottle diameter:40-110 (mm)
Pressure:0.3 (Mpa)
Degree of automation:Semi-automatic
Production capacity:3000 (bottles/hour)
Bottle belt height:850 (mm)
Applicable:industries food, chemical, toy, catering, daily chemical, medical, hardware, machinery


1. The outer wall of the bottle is sprayed, the inner wall is rinsed, and the bottle is sanitized.

2. It can be flushed with tap water pressure or booster pump pressure

3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

4. save labor and labor, high production efficiency, suitable for a wide range of bottle types (Change different bottle holders can be used for wide-mouth bottles, narrow-mouth bottles).

The principle of flushing

1. The outer wall of the bottle is sprayed with a nozzle, and the spray pressure can be adjusted by the spray switch. (The pressure of the external water source of this machine should be higher than 0.1Mpa. If it is lower than this pressure, you need to prepare your own pressure pump.)

2. When the inner wall is flushed, the lower valve body is statically fixed on the bracket, and the upper valve body is integrated with the upper plate of the rinse bottle through the nozzle and rotates at the same time. When the water inlet hole of the lower valve body is connected, the water is pressurized through the nozzle to flush the inside of the bottle.

Friendly reminder: The water inlet of the machine adopts a 6-point (DN20) pipe, and the drain outlet is a 2-inch and a half pipe (DN65) 
The pipeline should be prepared by the customer in advance according to the distance between the bottle washer and the water source/drainage pipeline.

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