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Protective Armor Clothing Explosion-Proof Clothing Rigid Anti-Riot Clothing Full Body Protective Armor Security Equipment


Material: flame retardant Oxford fabric + nylon hard shell

Specifications: It is suitable for police officers with a height of 165cm-185cm to wear, and can adjust the shoulder and waist size according to their own height with the help of connecting straps

Wearing flexibility: It is simple and convenient to put on and take off. After dressing, it does not affect the free movement of the arms and the movements of the human body such as kneeling, jumping, pausing, running, looking down, and turning.

Structural connection strength: buckle strength> 500N, Velcro buckle strength> 7.0N/CM3

Connecting belt strength > 2000N

Stab resistance: 20J

Impact resistance: 120J

Hit energy absorption: 100J

Flame retardant performance: the burning time after the surface of the protective parts is burned is less than or equal to 10s

Protection area: ≥1.08M2

Weight: ≤8.5kg

helmet not included

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