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Powder/granule packaging machine


Please open the link for the operation video

Product name: Three-side sealing packaging machine

Packing speed: 8-15 packs/min

Packing range: 2-50 grams (depending on the product)

Rated voltage: 220V (special voltage needs to be customized)

Product weight: 56KG

Error range: 0.2 (depending on the product)

Rated power: 450W

Dimensions: 42*38*155CM

Body material: brushed stainless steel

Applicable material: PE composite film aluminized film non-woven filter paper

Applicable materials: powder, granule, flake, strip

Bag length: 3-16CM (other sizes can be customized)

Bag width: 3-9CM (other sizes can be customized)



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