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Hydraulic Engine Crawler Crane Tower Mobile Truck Crane 85t C850A-6


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Product Specification


▪ Wei Chai WP7 Diesel Engine.

▪ Type: 6-cylinder in-line, direct injection, water-cooled, intercooler.

Compliant with European Off-highway Tier III emission standard,

and Chinese Off-highway Tier III emission standard.

▪ Displacement: 7.47L.

▪ Rated power 199kW/2300rpm.

▪ Operation power: 199kW/1800rpm.

▪ Max. output torque 1200N·m/(1200~1500)rpm.

▪ Starter device: 24V-5.0kW.

▪ Battery: two 12V large battery in serial connection.

▪ Fuel tank: 400L.

Hydraulic System

Main pump: adopt large piston pump with open displacement

to provide oil for the machine actuator.

▪ Gear pump: dual gear pumps are used for swing, radiator and

control circuit.

▪ Control: the main pump adopt the control of electrical

proportionate positive flow; winch motor is piston motor of

variable displacement. The operation components are two

hydraulic control handles, and one dual travel pedal control

valve to control each actuator in proportionate way.

▪ Max.pressureofsystem: 35Mpa.

▪ Main/aux.load hoist and travel system: 35Mpa.

▪ Swing system: 24MPa.

▪ Control system: 5MPa.

▪ Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 305L.

Electrical Control System

▪ SYIC-2 integrated control system independently developed by

SANY is adopted to ensure high system integration, accurate

operation, and reliable quality. The control system mainly

includes power system, engine system, master control system,

load moment limiter system, auxiliary system, and safety

monitoring system.

▪ The controller, monitor, and the engine communicates through

CAN Bus.

▪ Monitor: the working parameters and status are shown on the

monitor, such as the engine speed, fuel volume, engine oil

pressure, servo pressure, engine working hours, lifting conditions

and boom angle.

▪ The Skyeye Monitoring System and Remote Control of machine

traveling on/off the trailer is offered as optional.

Swing Mechanism

▪ Swing brake adopts wet, spring loaded, normally-closed brake,

and braking through spring force.

▪ Swing system, equipped with integrated swing buffer valve,

has free slipping function. It is featured in steady starting and

control, and excellent inching function. Unique swing buffer

design and steadier brake.

▪ Internal-gear swing drive can swing the upperworks by 360°.

▪ Swing lock: Swing lock is designed. When the operation is over

or the machine is in transport, the upperworks can be locked


▪ Swing bearing: single row ball bearing.

▪ Swing speed: 0-2.4rpm.


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