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Fully automatic elution dual water washing machine (50 kg)


Working voltage (V): 380

Washing capacity (kg): 50

Drum size (mm): diameter*diameter depth 1080*575

Washing speed (rpm): 35

Uniform speed (rpm): 75

Medium speed (rpm): 380

High off speed (rpm): 760

Transmission power (kw): 5.5

Electric heating power (kw): 30

Noise (db): ≤75

Machine weight (kg): 1650

Dimensions (mm): 1610×1550×1800


The main technical features of the automatic elution dual-water washing machine:
 Computer control system, which can realize automatic water addition, pre-washing, main washing, rinsing, neutralization, etc.
There are 30 sets of washing programs to choose from, and 5 sets of common automatic washing programs are also available.
 Unique lower suspension shock absorption design, the shock absorption can reach 98%, ultra-low vibration, improve the design
Stability in high-speed operation.
 The high-quality frequency converter ensures the minimum and maximum speed, which not only guarantees the washing quality
amount, and increased the dehydration rate.
 High-quality bearing oil seal is used, which can withstand high-strength bearing seat design, which ensures that the equipment
Normal use under heavy load conditions.
 Moderately sized stainless steel clothing door design, automatic door control device, not only improve the
safety, and meet the demand for loading more linen.
 Due to harsh usage conditions such as strong acid, strong alkali and high temperature during washing, special zinc spray anti-corrosion treatment is adopted for all parts in contact with water, which ensures the durability of the machine and the safety of the linen.
 Large-diameter water inlet, automatic feeding system, optional double drainage and other designs help you shorten the washing time, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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