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Flat-pack Container House (toilet)


Detachable Toilet Container (5persons):size: 5950*3000*2800mm(L*W*H),
including container house,door,window,light, etc.(see Configuration below)

Toilet partition:Melamine board

Shower partition:Anti-fold special board(waterproof)

Urinal partition:Melamine board

Urinal :ceramics

Toilet bowl:ceramic

Shower:Including hose, shower and shower seat

vertical basin:Including faucet and hose

Gutter & Anti-Slip Floor Leather:Anti-slip floor leather, aluminum plate drainage channel

exhaust fan:whtite ,300mm*300mm

Pedestal base:30*30*1mm square pass & 40*40*1mm square pass welding

Solar Water Heater with accessories.:Electric model, 155L for 2-4 people, 20 tubes

Water tank 2500ltrs-Plastic.:2500ltrs-Plastic.

Biodigester:150*240*160cm ,5T  40-50 People


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