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Paper Making Machine Fully Automatic Tissue Production Line High speed Toilet Tissue Paper Making Machine


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Note: Tissue Production Line include 3 machines and 2 meters connection tunnel


  • This is an automatic Tissue Production Line.

  • This is the ideal machine used to pack production soft drawn facial tissues, square tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc.

  • The machine pack above products with film automaticlly.


High speed, reaching 120 packages/min; Stable running, with low noise and low vibration when running at a high speed; Fast replacement of specifications, taking only 20 minutes for the replacement specifications each time; Good squareness, without ends of irregular shapes or overall inclination


  • Product Type: Toilet Tissue

  • Processing Type: Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine

  • Voltage: 220V/380 V or other require

  • Power: 22.5KW

  • Production Capacity: 110-135 bags/minute

  • Core Components: PLC, Other, Motor

  • Heatingpower: 6.5KW

  • Motor power: 16.00KW

Product Application:

material: non-woven、cotton、cotton+non-woven

finished tissue:soft towel、bath towel、facial towel、kitchen towel、baby towel、lady towel

material: paper、paper pulp、sugarcane paper、recyle paper

finished tissue:soft paper、toilet paper、facial paper、kitchen paper、napkin、baby tissue、lady tissue


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