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SDC2300 Gold Detector


Advantages of SDC2300 Gold Detector:

Compact: foldable to portable size 8.5*(216mm)*15.7(400mm). Fits in carry-on bags and backpacks.

Waterproof: Fully immersed to a depth of 10 feet (3 meters), detect riverbeds and shorelines, and easily convert from land to underwater detection.

Rugged, Installation-Free: Military-standard body construction, one-piece design for detection in the toughest conditions.

Easily find gold filings: Quickly and efficiently search in hard-to-reach and remote locations to find hard-to-find gold filings with deposited impurities.

SDC2300 Gold Detector Technical Parameters:

Coil: 8* single coil

Sound output: built-in speaker Koss (Gauss brand) 100 ohm headphones (supplied)

Koss brand waterproof earphones (not supplied)

Display: 9 LEDs indicating detection, battery status, and threshold levels (1 low battery alert LED)

Length: unfolded size 1500mm

Folded size: 400mm

Weight: 2.3KG

Battery: 1.2V5000mAh rechargeable (with charger)

1.5V alkaline battery (not supplied)

Noise Cancellation: Auto Scan

Ground Balance: Automatic Ground Tracking (AGT), Fast Ground Balance

Pitch (tone): low, high

Transmission and Technology: Pulse Induction, Multi-Phase Fast (MPF)

Optional accessories: waterproof earphones, backpack

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